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Store owner using device at register counter

Store associates are the face of every retail brand, yet they are often the most disconnected from the technology that could help them do their jobs better. Many of these employees resort to using consumer messaging apps just to collaborate with teammates. Not having the right tools to handle the basics is not only frustrating for employees, it presents a security and privacy hazard for your business. You can do better.

Building a connected organization and efficient systems that empower all your workers pays off across every segment of your business—from the shop floor to the C-suite. And if you don’t have the basics in place, then every task is more difficult than it needs to be.

So many retailers have a paper schedule thumbtacked to a wall in the break room. And whether an employee has a sick child at home or an important upcoming special event, coordinating a shift change or swap is manual and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Shift management is one of the basic wins that building a connected organization can provide for your team through streamlining and simplifying this common task. By creating a technology-based hub for work information, employees can use their smart phones to easily swap shifts, view accrued vacation time, see remaining sick leave available, and so much more.

Workers who feel more engaged with their employer and your brand feel more connected, and this kind of connection can reduce turnover. In fact, millennial and Gen Z workers expect this kind of brand connection—and quality technology tools—from their employer, and seek it out in their job searches.

From shift management and in-the-workflow training, to access to the product and customer information that helps make the sale, technology empowers employees at every level. We’ve created an executive brief with more in-depth information about empowering your employees, and how technology fits in. Check it out, and start giving your employees the tools for success.

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