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Again, we look forward to the moment when will pack their bags and go to New York, to 17 – 19 January 2016 to find out what’s new in the world of retailing, at the largest exhibition dedicated to this industry.

We are very pleased that began in 2016 sponsored the exhibition from among the Presidential range, because here we will be able to demonstrate how we provide the retail opportunities in the digital world. We will demonstrate solutions that enable you to accelerate its development, centralize around customer and allow their employees to maximize impact on a business.

Microsoft believes that 2016 will be the year of actual unification of the physical and digital interaction experience. It was in this year intelligent solutions will contribute to a more personalized shopping experience. In the past, customers had to choose whether or not to get access to all of its abundance of information available on the web or enjoy a visit to a physical store to make purchases. Now the physical and digital interaction come together, opening up to customers the new, wonderful world.

Giving retailers the possibility to assess the broader scope of digital interaction is the focus on three things: the creation of a modern shopping experience of interaction with connected to the things the Internet, which gives employees new opportunities for customer service and intelligent business management, as well as allows you to move the retail trade in the cloud .

To help put these concepts into practice, we will demonstrate to our stand 2803 (main entrance on level 3 name Jacob Kay Yavittsa convention center) the latest and most innovative client solutions that provide new opportunities for retailers.

Here are five new demonstrations, which you should not miss!

  1. Try a modern shopping experience in action , to assess how we are helping to bring the commission purchases on a more personal level. Sensors and screens, connection devices and the cloud network and vast database allows to adjust to the needs of user interaction. Computational capabilities allow digitize virtually the entire world around us, allowing us to analyze all the data generated by the interaction directly between people, and between people and machines. At our booth, we will demonstrate how Windows 10 allows you to configure flexible and reliable trading terminals, ensure the sale with advice and flexible, secure and personal operating trade opportunities in store.
  2. You will be able to understand what you need to give their employees opportunities for a new level of customer service by providing them with information that will help to make better management decisions and to better serve its customers. Leading retailers will show you how they support mobile working styles and dashboards, so that employees can have access to all information necessary for the conduct of proceedings.
  3. Feel like moving to the cloud will enable retailers to quickly switch to the digital interaction . Reduced costs due to the transition to the cloud will allow you to allocate budget funds to invest in innovation, and therefore – to provide specialized customer interaction in your stores and configure advanced personalization in various trade channels, in accordance with modern standards and expectations.
  4. Learn how the Internet of Things, cloud and big data provide an improved analysis of customers and interact with them. The newest intelligent solutions allow customers to try the products in the store using their mobile devices, while retailers can keep track of all aspects of the customer’s interaction with the product, make appropriate suggestions and recommendations.
  5. Get information directly from our customers in our workshops Big! Deas. During the experience of retail seminar you will see fully supports the digital technologies of the future of the supermarket COOP Italia, which will be on display, as retailers will be able to combine digital and physical aspects to ensure the best shopping for interaction of the natural, social and full store service. Our stand was “Inspiring Innovation experience of interaction with customers” will demonstrate best practices for the use by retailers of mobile devices and the cloud to transform their digital business.


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We also encourage you to set aside time to meet with the executive heads of Microsoft to discuss your transition to new technologies and evaluate our possible assistance. Here you can get more information and to request a meeting with the heads or a special tour with representatives from Microsoft leadership.

Retail trade representatives, we recall the fact that you can get a free pass to the exhibition NRF Expo here , that is a gift from Microsoft.

When you’re in New York, do not forget to visit our new flagship store on Fifth Avenue (between 53 and 54 streets) to yourself to try our latest devices!