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The power of partnerships

Microsoft empowers telecommunications organizations with a secure and trusted platform to deliver personalized experiences that earn customers for life, enable agile operations to increase network efficiency and scalability, and accelerate innovation and growth through new and exciting services.

Once more, Microsoft’s commitment to the telecommunications industry goes far beyond the simple provision of technology. Recently announced long-term, strategic partnerships between Microsoft and several industry leaders aim to promote the growth of IoT business and elevate the mobile gaming experience in Korea, improve how people live and work in the United States (and around the world), and accelerate digital transformation in India.

SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Korea, and Microsoft signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for comprehensive cooperation in leading-edge ICT, including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud. Under the MOU, SK Telecom and Microsoft will combine their technological capabilities to jointly promote Internet of Things (IoT) business including smart factories, AI technologies and services, media and entertainment services, and new ways of working for ICT companies under the SK Group umbrella.

SK Telecom and Microsoft inked a second MOU for a joint 5G-based cloud game business. SK Telecom will be an exclusive operating partner of Microsoft’s cloud gaming service in Korea. Based on this relationship, SK Telecom is expected to help Microsoft strengthen its position in the mobile gaming market by leveraging its world-leading mobile infrastructure. This includes 5G and LTE, the largest mobile subscriber base in Korea including over 1 million 5G subscribers, cutting-edge ICT such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and extensive experience in diverse streaming services.

AT&T Communications and Microsoft embarked on an extensive, multi-year alliance where the two companies will apply technologies, including cloud, AI, and 5G, to improve how people live and work today and in the future. Microsoft will be the preferred cloud provider for non-network applications, as part of AT&T’s broader public cloud-first strategy, and will support AT&T as it consolidates its data center infrastructure and operations.

The global scale of Microsoft’s Azure cloud and AT&T’s domestic 5G capabilities will enable unique solutions for the companies’ mutual customers. The companies will bring to market integrated industry solutions including in the areas of voice, collaboration and conferencing, intelligent edge and networking, IoT, public safety, and cybersecurity. The companies already have joint enterprise solutions for networking, IoT, and blockchain in market, and expect to announce additional services. The two companies envision scenarios with 5G enabling near-instantaneous communications for a first responder who is using AI-powered live voice translation to quickly communicate with someone in need who speaks a different language. An update was shared in late November on the first wave of innovation since this alliance was announced.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, and Microsoft began a unique, comprehensive, long-term strategic relationship aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of the Indian economy and society. This 10-year commitment combines the world-class capabilities of both companies to offer a detailed set of solutions comprising connectivity, computing, storage solutions, and other technology services and applications essential for Indian businesses and will span the broad Reliance Industries ecosystem including its existing and new businesses.

In combining efforts, Jio and Microsoft aim to enhance the adoption of leading technologies like data analytics, AI, cognitive services, blockchain, Internet of Things, and edge computing among small and medium enterprises to make them ready to compete and grow, while helping accelerate technology-led GDP growth in India and driving adoption of next-gen technology solutions at scale.

In addition, Microsoft and Nokia recently announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate transformation and innovation across industries with cloud, AI and IoT. Through this partnership, Microsoft and Nokia will offer connectivity and Azure IoT solutions that unlock connected scenarios across multiple industries including digital factories, smart cities, warehouses, healthcare settings, and transportation hubs such as ports, airports and more.

Microsoft helps telecommunications organizations enable digital transformation through our intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, built on a trusted, highly secure and compliant platform, and backed by a world-class global partner ecosystem. Learn more about Microsoft’s solutions for intelligent telecommunications.