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It’s no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our industry. Converging at the home gateway, smart products are being connected to generate new insights, efficiencies delivering customer value, and in turn, generating significant business opportunities for Utilities.

One key opportunity is around smart thermostats. It’s clear that these offer innovative capabilities for consumers, including seamless control of the temperature in the home from anywhere in the world, enabling cost saving and setting optimization.

For Utilities, the potential for gaining new customer insights and usage data (with consumer consent) and managing electrical demand is unprecedented.


But as with any Internet connected device, security needs to be top of mind. Schneider Electric is a great example of a company who is laser focused on ensuring smart energy solutions are safe, reliable–and secure. By following top industry security standards and best practices, and using technology including Microsoft Azure, the company is ensuring the highest level of security and integrity of the consumer data that it collects from its new North American Wiser Air thermostat.

The wave of connected devices is already changing how value is created for consumers and how Utilities are transforming their businesses, as well as driving impact on the economy itself. This is an important showcase of how Azure is supporting this wave to alleviate one of the biggest obstacles to cloud services adoption–security. Learn about all the ways Azure technologies and processes safeguard the cloud environment. You can read more about Schneider’s efforts here and watch the video interview with Jason Lien, Director of Offer Development for Wiser Air at Schneider Electric.