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itron-blog-300We are seeing it all around us. Advancements such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data-driven intelligence are accelerating industry transformation at a remarkable rate. These technologies are fueling new opportunities for utilities to transform their business models and the services they provide to customers, as well as providing cities with innovative ways to create more sustainable, prosperous and competitive communities.

Here at Microsoft, we are committed to bringing together productivity, cloud, mobile, social, and big data platforms and tools to help utilities embrace customer centricity, innovate faster, and become more agile in today’s digital age. Key to this work is our strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Itron, who is committed to solving the energy and water challenges of today to create a more resourceful world tomorrow.

Today, Itron is sharing their plans to deliver IoT services, built on Microsoft Azure, to utilities and cities around the world. Azure will be the backbone for Itron Total Outcomes, which provides business outcomes that address utility and smart city challenges in an Outcomes as a Service model to lower costs and improve performance. Itron will also use Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI to power critical insights from utilities’ sensors worldwide.

Itron is enabling a new range of services, including solar integration and analytics. Utilities and cities will benefit from different types of data coming together into one place, generating new intelligence and insights. This real-time computing power will make it easier and faster for utilities to improve operations and customer satisfaction, as well as mitigate safety issues such as power outages or gas or water leaks.

Itron chose Azure for its unparalleled security, which is so critical in helping utilities manage and protect our energy infrastructure. And because Itron is offering these capabilities as a service, utilities will be able to reduce costs and better manage and extend the services they provide because they won’t have to build or invest in these capabilities themselves.

Combining Itron’s vast expertise in smart grid, energy and water solutions, with Microsoft’s cloud computing, big data analytics and expertise in security and privacy, will help utilities deliver on the promise of the smart grid and helps cities meet their objectives to reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy consumption.

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Julia White and Itron CEO Philip Mezey will deliver the keynote address at Itron’s Utility Week event on Monday, October 17, where they will further explore the power of the cloud in accelerating digital transformation for utilities and cities.

The path to smarter, more sustainable cities lies in innovation and collaboration. And we are pleased to help Itron ultimately create a more resourceful world.

LinkedIn: Larry Cochrane