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Microsoft Industry Blogs

Since the inception of Microsoft Azure, we’ve been working with partners and service providers in ensuring that the public cloud can play an important role in the digital transformation of companies and their processes.  Today, we see large Tier-1 operators like Telefonica harnessing the power of the cloud to create exciting new user experiences.  And a multitude of others are swapping their cumbersome, expensive, monolithic Business Support Systems (BSS) for agile, new cloud-born SaaS and PaaS manifestations.

The recent Pipeline article Capitalizing on Telco Cloud in the Era of Digital Transformation explores key characteristics CSPs should seek in their evolution toward hybrid cloud.  Areas to consider include:

  1. Expansive Ecosystem
  2. Multitenancy
  3. Location and Footprint
  4. Sovereign Cloud
  5. Security and privacy
  6. Orchestration Across Public and Private Clouds
  7. Open Source

The article asserts that Microsoft is uniquely positioned for the telco cloud, with a special combination of deep domain expertise, advanced cloud technology, and broad telecom ecosystem. The vision and approach are being well received by both CSPs and analysts alike, and are a key to a successful digital transformation.  Read the full article here.