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Microsoft Secure

Note: I’m going to start blogging more non-security entries, so if you don’t want to see these, I recommend subscribing specifically to the security feed.

If you haven’t joined the computer crack that is World of Warcraft, now could be the time.

I myself seem to go in cycles, but with the release of  Burning Crusade, I’ve been playing much more often.  The problem is, my old guild is gone and I don’t have as many friends to game with.  Additionally, my server was massively overloaded.  So, a couple of days ago, I migrated my characters over to the Baelgun server.

So, I want to invite you to come over to Baelgun server and game with me.  I’ve started a new Draenei shaman that’s only at level 10 (her name is Aural, send me an in game shout out!).  If you want to star up a new Alliance character on the server, we can group up and level up.  I do have higher level alts that can help twink out the new characters a bit.

If you are not a current WoW player, there is a 10 Day Free Trial offer going on which you can leverage.  Send me an email and I’ll generate a key for you and (if you stay and play), then I get free days 😉

Finally, if you haven’t seen the South Park episode on World of Warcraft, perhaps this will motivate you to play.  If not, it is still hilariously funny.