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Microsoft Secure

Apple Inc.’s Safari is the juiciest target in the upcoming PWN2OWN hacking contest, last year’s winner predicted today.

“It’s an easy target,” said Charlie Miller, the vulnerability researcher who last year walked off with a $10,000 cash prize for breaking into an Apple laptop just a few minutes into the contest. PWNOWN is slated for its third appearance at the CanSecWest security conference later this month in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“It might be because I’m biased about the things I’m good at, but it’s the easiest browser [to hack],” Miller said.

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Of course, this bit of publicity may also draw more attention to Mr. Miller’s session at CanSecWest this year (link to Speakers and sessions):

Hacking Macs for Fun and Profit

MacOS X has so far enjoyed a comparatively safe and malware-free existence on today’s hostile Internet. While many previously believed that this was due to its superior security, public demonstrations of the Mac’s vulnerability to attacks have hopefully proven otherwise. As with any technology, it is important to know both its strengths and weaknesses. This presentation will focus on the exploitatability of memory corruption vulnerabilities in and on MacOS X by applying currently known techniques to a new platform as well as introducing some new techniques.

Both Charlie and Dino have 0wned the Macs in the previous two PWN2OWN contests at CanSecWest. Now they will teach the attendees how easy it is to do for themselves.