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rsa2009-keynotes-fri RSA Conference 2009 Webcasts – Day 4 Keynotes (Friday)

There is only a relatively small group of people that stay all the way to the end of the RSA Conference to see the final Friday keynotes, but they were worth the wait.   I can honestly say the two afternoon keynote sessions were my favorite ones of the whole week.  See my previous post: Cheswick and Thompson ‘Securin Ain’t Easy’ Rap Video @ RSA 2009 about the first keynote.

And the final keynote?  … Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of the Mythbusters television show.

These guys are great.  If you’ve never seen an episode on the Discovery Channel, then check out a few of the clips on the Mythbuster Youtube landing page.

To give you a flavor of the interview, here is an actual question asked of Adam and Jamie by host Bill Duane:  What is the coolest thing that you’ve ever blown up?  The question comes near the end of the video, fyi.

mybusters-rsa [click photo to open video]

Jamie and Adam also brought along a video collage they had put together with some “goof reel stuff” and what they referred to as “explosion porn.”  It was fun to watch, but unfortunately, that video clip was not allowed to be in the webcast.  Still I think you’ll enjoy the segment, which is about 35 minutes long.

Regards ~ Jeff