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Microsoft Secure

imageToday, I want to digress a bit from our normal security and cybersecurity topics to talk about yesterday’s sneak peak at Windows 8. 

I’ve been at Microsoft for eight years now, so I’ve developed a perspective on Microsoft that is a bit different than most people.  When I think of Microsoft, I don’t think of a big corporate entity.  I think of the collection of talented individuals that I’ve met and worked with over the past years.  They are passionate, they have great intentions, and they work together every day to create products that – they hope – will thrill and delight friends, family and strangers around the world.  So, with the reveal that happened yesterday for the Windows 8 interface, I am super happy with the warm reception and outright excitement that is being demonstrated.

For example, Joe Wilcox, in his article It took 4 min 34 sec to get me really excited about Windows again, says:

Sign me up for the Windows 8 beta, Microsoft, and I’ll sell my MacBook Air. Perhaps the Samsung Series 9 should be next?

Late yesterday, Microsoft gave the first sneak peak of Windows 8. What a peak! Apple unveils Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” in just four days, and it’s antiquated before release. Microsoft has taken one of the freshest approaches to operating system user interfaces since, well, the Macintosh in 1984. The new UI is fluid and modern, using HTML5 for rendering.

Over on Lifehacker, in First Look At Windows 8′s New Interface For Tablets And PCs, they say:

We’ve been excited about the upcoming Windows 8 for a long time, and today Microsoft demonstrated some of the very Windows Phone-like interface overhauls coming to both tablet and desktop computers.

The biggest change in Windows 8′s new interface is a start page that takes the place of the Start Menu, using the tile-based Metro UI that Windows Phone users have come to love. From there, you can quickly launch full-screen, HTML5-powered apps, switch between them, and even snap them to the sides of the screen for true, side-by-side touch screen multitasking.

Congratulations to the Windows team for bringing some excitement!

Further information on the Microsoft Newscenter Windows page.