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More good news this week on the botnet front, with reports that Microsoft and Kaspersky Lab had succeeded in taking down the Kelihos botnet, a collection of some 41,000 infected computers worldwide that was capable of sending spam at the rate of 3.8 million e-mails per day. Kaspersky lab played a staring role in defining and then sinkholing the botnet to render it inactive, as described in The Inside Story of the Kelihos Botnet Takedown. The importance of taking down botnets (this is the third botnet Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit has taken down this year) is underscored by the fact that botnet owners are renting time on them to other bad actors, as demonstrated in stories such as The Best Spies Money Can Buy and Microsoft: Kelihos Ring Sold ‘Botnet-As-A-Service’. In other news, as the United States gears up for the next presidential election, there will certainly be extra attention paid to the security of electronic voting machines used in some areas of the country, especially with the news that Argonne researchers ‘hack’ Diebold e-voting system and It only takes $26 to hack a voting machine.

Microsoft and Kaspersky Lab Take Down the Kelihos Botnet

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