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The big happening this week was the London Conference on Cyberspace where government and private sector leaders from around the world gathered to share ideas on how to best combat cyber threats and secure the Internet. Scott Charney, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Trustworthy Computing, called for harmonization of global law and swifter collaboration between law enforcement and other parties across international boundaries, according to coverage from V3.Co.UK #LondonCyber: Microsoft calls for 24/7 international co-operation on cyber security.  This idea was reinforced by others, including Eugene Kaspersky, as reported by ComputerWeekly, with its headline Speed essential to combating cyber crime, Kaspersky tells London Conference. The need for closer cooperation was amplified by speakers who spoke of the consequences of inaction, as highlighted by stories such as UK Foreign Secretary Warns of ‘darker’ Online Scenario, as carried in CIO; and the Sky News account Web Security Expert Warns Of Cyber World War.

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