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In our industry, we frequently talk about security concerns for applications and games, but this week television star Alec Baldwin brought a different twist to the discussion of “security concerns” when he wouldn’t stop playing a game on his phone quickly enough for the airline and was booted off the plane. In our celebrity obsessed culture, the incident went international, with The Guardian reporting Alec Baldwin removed from plane for playing with his phone. Of course the airline had their version of the story, as reported by CBS News coverage American Airlines responds after Alec Baldwin kicked off flight. The big winner so far has been the publisher of the game that so captivated Baldwin he refused to turn off the cell phone when asked by airline crew. Twitter played a role, as Baldwin reportedly sent tweets complaining about the incident, which may have become overwhelming as the New York Post reports Alec Baldwin deactivates Twitter account. Baldwin wasn’t the only one having second thoughts about using Twitter. Hillicon Valley reports Three congressional staffers canned after tweets reveal in-office partying.

Alec Baldwin Booted from Plane, Boots Self from Twitter

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