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Several stories this week in security focused on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on China Hackers Hit U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Network World’s coverage focused on Chinese hack on U.S. Chamber went undetected for 6 months; while The Washington Post wrote that China hack of Chamber of Commerce highlights ‘spear-phishing’ dangers. The breach caught the attention of Congress, with Hillicon Valley reporting Chairman Rogers: Economic spying at ‘an intolerable level’. Meanwhile Constantine von Hoffman, in his blog IT Security Hack, brought a lighthearted touch with his Why Did the Chinese Hack into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? He offers a  range of potential motivations including “China confused the Chamber with the Rotary and was really looking for how to run small lunch groups on a nation-wide scale” and “Worst case: China has already infiltrated all of our important networks and is now going after the unimportant ones, ‘just to be sure.’” 

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Reportedly Hacked with Spear Phishing

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