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Microsoft Secure

The Internet now reaches a global population of more than two billion people, and the foundations of modern society are becoming digital. Research shows over the next few years the world will see an unprecedented growth in Internet users, devices and data, which will create vast opportunities for communications and equally daunting security challenges for governments, organizations, and citizens around the world. Cyber threats today are anything but static. They are often characterized as technically advanced, persistent, well-funded, and motivated by profit or strategic advantage. In response, many countries have sought to improve critical information infrastructure policy, to build effective information sharing and collaboration capabilities that addresses threats and vulnerabilities, and to coordinate on responses to increasing complex cyber incidents.

Microsoft recently released a whitepaper entitled Cornerstone of a Safe, Connected Society to provide perspective on what cybersecurity is and why it’s important to our collective future. The paper discusses Trustworthy Computing’s approach to cybersecurity, makes observations on emerging national approaches and provides recommendations to government policymakers on approaches to consider when developing policies and practices to address key cybersecurity concerns. Central to the success of these efforts will be coordinated national cybersecurity strategies, flexible and agile risk management, and information sharing in a global context.

Our experience in managing cybersecurity risks for more than one billion customers has given us insight and perspective into current and future challenges. Our risk management approach includes understanding the evolving threat landscape and applying this knowledge to help reduce the attack surface of our products and services. While risk may never be completely eliminated, it can be managed (accepted, transferred or mitigated). Even though risk management may not be new to governments, cybersecurity presents significantly different challenges and many of our experiences and practices can benefit governments, enterprises and citizens as they seek to better understand and manage their respective cybersecurity risk.

Cybersecurity will remain a top priority for governments, policymakers and citizens around the world, especially as they continue to increase their reliance on information and communications technologies. As Microsoft marks a ten-year milestone of Trustworthy Computing, our commitment to greater security, privacy and reliability continues to emphasize partnerships with governments, enterprises and citizens. Working together, in a more connected society, we can build safer, more trusted computing experiences for everyone.

Tyson Storch
Principal Security Strategist
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing