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Continuing the Interactive Timeline series outlining some of the seminal events that have occurred over the last ten years, this post looks at more of the key events that shaped the latter part of the first decade of the 2000’s, helping to foster greater collaboration.

Security Researcher Community

imageMicrosoft engages the security researcher community in many ways including recognizing those who discover software vulnerabilities. Security researchers collaborate on exploits and vulnerabilities with Microsoft to help mitigate issues. The company co-sponsors and attends security conferences around the world, and hosts the invitation-only BlueHat conference.

BlueHat Prize Inception

imageAt Black Hat USA 2011, Microsoft introduced the BlueHat Prize to seek out new defense and mitigation technologies that help software resist attacks even in the event of a new vulnerability. The contest rewards security researchers with more than $250,000 in prizes for developing breakthrough defensive security technology.


Resources and links

o Security outreach website

o Microsoft Security Research Center (MSRC)

o Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

o BlueHat Prize

o BlueHat Conference

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