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Microsoft Secure


Continuing the Interactive Timeline series outlining some of the seminal events that have occurred over the last ten years, this post looks at more of the key activities that are shaping Microsoft’s Security Strategy.

Proliferation of Devices and Applications

Internet-connected devices and applications are a part of many of our lives today, from smartphones and tablets using cellular networks to Wi-Fi availability in many places around the world. These devices run applications that have become important from social networks to location-aware mapping applications and more.

Government & Cybersecurity

As more people, computers and devices come online, cyberthreats grow more sophisticated in their abilities to gather sensitive data, disrupt critical operations and conduct fraud. Cybersecurity remains a top priority for governments, policymakers and citizens around the world. Cybersecurity and the overall health of the Internet will continue to be a key element in national, economic and civil society.

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