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Trending Security News 

This week in security news, stories report on the LinkedIn hack, big data, cyber legislation in process, and the consummerization of IT on BYOD trends. Here are some of the security news stories and our two blog picks this week. We focus on highlighting a variety of computer security and cybersecurity news and trends that impact trust in computing. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below and let us know what news stories you’re interested in reading.

In the News 

Encryption on  the Go, Part 2 – TechNewsWorld
Google Turns Tables on Government Monitors  – Wall Street Journal
LinkedIn  Probing Reports of Massive Breach – Computerworld
Tinba Bank Trojan Burrows into Browsers to  Steal Logins – PCWorld

Security Research & Intelligence

Yahoo Unveils Latest Antispam Defense – IDG News
AARP,Microsoft Help Seniors Manager Health Data – WebProNews
Rethinking Privacy in an Era of Big Data – The New York Times

Cyber Threats

Cybercrime ‘Much Bigger Than Al Qaeda’ – PCWorld
Ransomeware Scam Accuses People of Violating Federal Law, Tell Them to Pay up – PCWorld
Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning – The New York Times
Facebook Joins Google, ISPs in Notifying DNSChanger Victims – IDG News
Major Data Firm in Security Pinch – Wall Street Journal

Government, Legislation & Policy

Compromise Cybersecurity Bill Talks Started, Lieberman Says – Bloomberg
Disclosing Cyber Security Incidents: The SEC Weighs In – Forbes
Cybersecurity poll: Americans divided over government requirements on companies – Washington Post
2 in RI delegation urge action on cybersecurity – CBS News
Compromise  Cybersecurity Bill Talks Started, Lieberman Says – BusinessWeek

Blog Picks

Attackers Hit Weak Spots in 2-Factor Authentication – Krebs on Security
Dissecting LinkedIn’s Response to the Password Breach – SecurityWatch, PC Magazine

Microsoft Research, Papers and Media

Trustworthy Computing

Cybersecurity/Internet Health

· Rethinking the Cyber Threat (paper)

· Collective Defense: Applying Public Health Models to the Internet (paper)

· Video: Collective Defense: Enabling Healthy Devices (video)

Security Intelligence

· Lessons from Least Malware Infected Countries (series)

· Battling the ZBot Threat (paper)

Trustworthy Computing

· Imagine Video: Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

Cybersecurity/Trusted Supply Chain:

· Supply Chain Risk Management keynote at the East-West Institute’s Second Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit (video)

· Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management: Toward a Global Vision of Transparency and Trust (paper)

· Toward a Trusted Supply Chain: A Risk Based Approach To Managing Software Integrity (paper)

· Microsoft at RSA Conference 2012

· Microsoft Sessions at RSA Conference 2012

· Trust in Computing Research

· TwC Next Poster

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