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Microsoft Secure

As you might be aware, Microsoft releases its Security Intelligence Report (SIR) twice a year to help inform customers on changes in the threat landscape.  The report includes data from over a billion systems worldwide, regional analysis for 105 countries/regions and is designed to help customers manage risk within their environments. 

One of the things we thought we would do different for this release is give you a sneak peek look at what’s coming in volume 14 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv14).  Check out my video below for some of the latest threat trends to emerge in the second half of 2012.

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Stay tuned as we look to release SIRv14 in the coming weeks and learn more about what we detected as the number one threat to businesses, our latest guidance for personal computer users and our breakdown of operating system detections, including the first look at how Windows 8 has been performing in terms of mitigating security threats.

Until the report is released, watch for the hash tag #SIRQuiz on Twitter and follow our @MSFTSecurity handle.  There we will post questions about the upcoming release and are eager to hear your predictions on the top threat trends.

Tim Rains
Trustworthy Computing