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Microsoft Secure

We released the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report today that provides a large body of new data and analysis on the threat landscape.  Volume 14 focuses on what the threat landscape looked like in the second half of 2012, including trend data from previous periods.  This volume of the report contains:

  • Industry-wide vulnerability disclosure trends and analysis
  • An examination of global vulnerability exploit activity
  • Trends and analysis on global malware and potentially unwanted software
  • The latest analysis of threats in more than 100 countries/regions around the world
  • Data and insights on how attackers are using spam and other email threats
  • The latest global and regional data on malicious websites including phishing sites, malware hosting sites and drive-by download sites

In addition, we have included a section in the report focused on quantifying the value of using up-to-date antimalware software.  This is a must read for those Information Technology/security professionals who are grappling with the challenge of articulating why investing in antimalware software is so important to the security of their organization, possibly among those questioning its efficacy.

I encourage you to download the new SIR and take full advantage of the new research it contains as well as the hundreds of pages of new threat intelligence.  We also have a shorter Key Findings Summary available, new video content, and past volumes of the report, all at

Tim Rains
Trustworthy Computing