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Microsoft Secure

This week a number of my colleagues and I are attending the Black Hat USA 2014 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  BlackHat, now a popular destination for world-class security researchers, security executives, leaders in the public and private sectors and academia, is rich in the number of ways people can engage in the advancement of the security industry.  Participants also meet in a number of venues around BlackHat to share the latest information in security research, development and trends.  For us, our conference sponsorship and the participation of employees, provides a way to exchange insights, collaborate, and cultivate new relationships with security researchers and industry professionals from around the world.

I like to think of security researchers as the “tip of the spear” when it comes to software security.  They are incredibly bright, keep up with the latest security and threat trends and often times work with software and service providers to help ensure products continually evolve to keep up with changes in the threat landscape.  Relationships provide fast pathways for discussions to consider new types of cyberthreats if, or when, those arise.

One recent example of Microsoft’s active work with security researchers to further protect customers can   be seen with our Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET).  Knowledge gained from the security community has helped lead to important advancements in products, services, and tools such as EMET.

What is EMET? It’s a popular free tool used to further prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to computers by increasing protections.  The tool works well in an enterprise environment and can help protect in a wide range of scenarios.  Even for legacy software that cannot easily be rewritten, or for software being phased out where the source code is not available, EMET can help provide mitigation protections.

Just last week, my colleague Chris Betz announced the general availability of EMET 5.0.  This version comes with new mitigations and enhancements that have been optimized based on feedback from the community.  If you’re attending BlackHat, then I encourage you to stop by our booth #111 on Wednesday or Thursday to see a live demo of the tool.  To learn more about the power EMET can provide in helping protect against emerging or unknown threats, visit