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Microsoft Secure

Can I run two antivirus

Your email belongs to you, not us

Microsoft is committed to delivering meaningful privacy protections that build trust with our customers, and we know how much you value the contents of your email.  We believe your email belongs to you, not us, and that it should receive the same privacy protection as paper letters sent by mail–no matter where it is stored. ...

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The Evolving Pursuit of Privacy

In my role, I have the opportunity to discuss privacy with a wide variety of people – Microsoft’s customers and partners, policymakers, advocates and industry colleagues. In recent weeks, I participated in many such conversations at the RSA Conference and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit.  See more>>...

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Reflecting on Updated Privacy Practices

For more than a decade, Microsoft has invested in a comprehensive privacy program that sets the foundation for our efforts to responsibly manage our customers’ data. An important part of our privacy commitment is that we evolve our policies and practices to address the changes in technology and customer expectations. Earlier today, Microsoft General Counsel...

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