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Microsoft Secure

Windows Vista : Threat-driven Design combined with Security Quality Process

What is the difference between foundational security and security features? Name 3 security companies.  Who did you name?  Symantec?  Checkpoint?  RSA?  ISS? These companies all offer products that provide security features or capabilities.  What if Microsoft had no firewall?  What if we had no PKI and certificate services?  What if we had no plans for...

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Linus’s Law aka “Many Eyes Make All Bugs Shallow”

How many of you have heard “many eyes make all bugs shallow”?  My guess is that many of you have and that it may have been in conjunction with an argument supporting why Linux and Open Source products have better security.  For example, Red Hat publishes a document at, which they commissioned from TruSecure...

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Artima: Microsoft Under Attack

A new article called Microsoft Under Attack summarizes itself by saying: Not by angry customers suing for damages after security breaches, or by governments breaking up monopolies, but by open source developers and security professionals accusing them of being obsessed by security. The content goes on to chronicle a panel discussion moderated by the author...

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Web-based Security Deja-Vu: Microsoft OneCare Live, Symantec Genesis and McAfee Falcon

Windows Live OneCare has made it’s debut, among various comments about this being a new category of security product and apparently it is a hot new category to judge from the established antivirus vendors and the press activity.  Symantec announced in February that it will have a competitive product, code-named Genesis, and McAfee announced this...

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