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Microsoft Secure

Windows Defender: Rise of the machine (learning)

Windows Defender harnesses the power of machine learning, contributing to making Windows 10 Microsoft’s most secure client operating system and providing increased protection against security threats facing consumers and commercial enterprises today. To reduce the number of both false negative and false positive detections our automation pipeline uses a variety of tools and technologies to...

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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Strontium

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) provides a regular snapshot of the current threat landscape, using data from more than 600 million computers worldwide. The latest report (SIRv19) was released this week and includes a detailed analysis of the actor group STRONTIUM – a group that uses zero-day exploits to collect the sensitive information of...

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Transforming Government: Presenting a cloud policy framework for innovation, security, and resilience

Around the world, organizations big and small are moving to the cloud to achieve more, faster. Cloud computing is no longer considered solely a transformative new generation of technology but a platform to enable ever greater efficiencies, deliver big data analytics, and empower the Internet of Things. As KPMG recently put it: “The question is...

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Cloud security controls series: Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, & Forensics

Some topics that I get asked about by customers frequently include whether they can do penetration testing on Microsoft cloud services, whether Microsoft does its own penetration tests, and how the cloud impacts customers’ ability to perform forensic investigations on systems they have in the cloud. I thought I’d cover all three of these topics...

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What’s New with Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2016

Threat modeling is an invaluable part of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process. We have discussed in the past how applying a structured approach to threat scenarios during the design phase of development helps teams more effectively and less expensively identify security vulnerabilities, determine risks from those threats, and establish appropriate mitigations. The Microsoft Threat...

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