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Microsoft Secure

Microsoft battles Zeus ID theft botnet

Microsoft, in collaboration with the financial services industry, successfully executed a coordinated global action against the Zeus botnet. Zeus is a type of malware that can monitor your online activity and record your keystrokes to commit identity theft. Learn more about the botnet takedown. If you think that your computer might be infected with the...

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Battling the ZBot Threat

The Security Intelligence Report team at Microsoft released a new special edition report called “Battling the ZBot Threat.” Win32/Zbot is a family of password-stealing trojans that contain backdoor functionality which allows attackers to control infected computers remotely through illicit networks called botnets. The Win32/Zbot family warranted a close examination because of evidence that its presence...

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The Zbot battle: Microsoft turns up the heat

Botnets are networks of compromised computers controlled by cybercriminals. Botnets can send out spam, spread malicious software, steal passwords, and more. Zbot (also known as the “Zeus Botnet”) has been responsible for stealing passwords and other financial information from infected computers worldwide. Today, Microsoft published a special edition of the Security Intelligence Report that details...

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