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Detonating a bad rabbit: Windows Defender Antivirus and layered machine learning defenses

Windows Defender Antivirus uses a layered approach to protection: tiers of advanced automation and machine learning models evaluate files in order to reach a verdict on suspected malware. While Windows Defender AV detects a vast majority of new malware files at first sight, we always strive to further close the gap between malware release and...

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Microsoft teams up with law enforcement and other partners to disrupt Gamarue (Andromeda)

Today, with help from Microsoft security researchers, law enforcement agencies around the globe, in cooperation with Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), announced the disruption of Gamarue, a widely distributed malware that has been used in networks of infected computers collectively called the Andromeda botnet. The disruption is the culmination of a journey that started in...

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4 signs of scareware

 “Scareware” is fake anti-virus software (also called “rogue security software”) that cybercriminals trick you into paying for or trick you into downloading along with malicious software. According to the latest Security Intelligence Report from Microsoft, one of the most prevalent forms of scareware is called Win32/FakePAV. Learn how to help prevent Win32/FakePAV from stealing your...

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