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Detonating a bad rabbit: Windows Defender Antivirus and layered machine learning defenses

Windows Defender Antivirus uses a layered approach to protection: tiers of advanced automation and machine learning models evaluate files in order to reach a verdict on suspected malware. While Windows Defender AV detects a vast majority of new malware files at first sight, we always strive to further close the gap between malware release and...

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Microsoft teams up with law enforcement and other partners to disrupt Gamarue (Andromeda)

Today, with help from Microsoft security researchers, law enforcement agencies around the globe, in cooperation with Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), announced the disruption of Gamarue, a widely distributed malware that has been used in networks of infected computers collectively called the Andromeda botnet. The disruption is the culmination of a journey that started in...

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#AVGater vulnerability does not affect Windows Defender Antivirus, MSE, or SCEP

On November 10, 2017, a vulnerability called #AVGater was discovered affecting some antivirus products. The vulnerability requires a non-administrator-level account to perform a restore of a quarantined file. Windows Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware products, including System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), are not affected by this vulnerability. This vulnerability...

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No payment necessary: Fighting back against ransomware

Any IT professional who’s ever had an experience with malware knows how fast an intrusive attack can happen, and how difficult it can be to educate employees to be vigilant against such threats. And with ransomware attacks only growing, having information, tools and technologies to help protect your network can mean the difference between serious...

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Our commitment to Microsoft antimalware

We are fully committed to protecting our consumer and business customers from malware. Our strong solutions provide the comprehensive defense needed against malicious code and attacks. Our support of antimalware partners helps in building a strong and diverse ecosystem to fight malware. Over the past year, we’ve continued to make investments in our protection technologies:...

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Anti-virus Software is Dead…Really?

Yesterday we released the latest volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. Among the ~800 pages of new threat intelligence is a new study that attempts to quantify the benefit of running up-to-date anti-virus (AV) software.  The study leveraged data from over a billion systems worldwide and it turns out that systems that do not have...

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Important Advancements Toward a Safer, More Trusted Internet

Today we see many authors of malicious software going to great lengths to distribute their wares. Some attackers invest significant resources to find victims and avoid detection by antimalware products. They also vary their attacks – they experiment with not only exploiting software vulnerabilities but also attempt pure social-engineering approaches. To counter this, it is important...

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Weekly Roundup : Dec 30, 2011 : Taking a Look Back at Some of the Year’s Top Security Stories

Trending Security News In August we started posting the Weekly Roundup to share trending security news from many viewpoints. Week by week the flow of news provides insights into the ever growing challenges faced in the global efforts to secure cyberspace, as well as the progress made and security guidance as well as new and...

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