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Microsoft Secure

Use Windows Information Protection (WIP) to help make accidental data leakage a thing of the past

Have you always wished you could have mobile application management (MAM) on Windows? Now you can! Windows Information Protection (WIP) is an out-of-the box data leakage prevention feature for Windows 10 that can automatically apply protection for work files and data to prevent accidental data leakage. With 600 million active Windows 10 devices, corporate customers...

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The Importance of Smartphone Security

It’s no surprise that mobile phone usage has exploded over the past decade.  According to a study by ITU, there are roughly 6.8 billion mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide today.  As technology becomes more and more woven into the fabric of society, smartphone usage has become an increasingly common extension for desktop computing devices.  Employees are...

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Beginner’s Guide to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The era of IT departments mandating specific hardware, operating systems, or technologies is quickly eroding.  In its place a new culture is growing where employees are granted more autonomy—and given more responsibility—for their own technology. If you’ve been to enough parties you’re probably familiar with the term BYOB—a common acronym of the phrase “bring your...

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