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Microsoft Secure

Establishing Trust in Our Data-Centric World

More and more, we are becoming a data-driven society, in which governments and industry have access to increasing volumes of information through consumer interactions online. A recent White House report on “Big Data” demonstrates the broad recognition of related privacy concerns which, if not managed correctly, may outweigh the benefits we can derive from this...

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Adrienne’s View: Cloud security benefits belie pre-deployment doubts

Cloud security is often better than customers expect it to be. I’ve blogged about that trend before, including the Cloud Trust Study (commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by comScore) showing high percentages of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) seeing improved security after moving to the cloud. Two recent studies add further evidence that security apprehensions...

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Reliability Series #4: Reliability-enhancing techniques (Part 2)

In my previous post in this series, I discussed the Discovery and Authorization/Authentication categories of the “DIAL” acronym to share mitigations targeting specific failure modes. In this article I’ll discuss the “Limits/Latency” and “Incorrectness” categories represented by the “DIAL” acronym, and I’ll also share example mitigations targeting specific failure modes for each.  See more >>...

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