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Microsoft Secure

A coordinated approach to eradicating malware

Microsoft and others in the technology industry have worked together for many years to disrupt malicious software, or malware, and to reduce its impact on customers. But despite those efforts, many malware families live on, continuing to infect computers and cause damage well after they are discovered.  Can industry leaders come together and begin eliminating...

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MAPP Partnership Expansion to Boost Threat Response

Fighting security threats is a never-ending job. And Microsoft can’t do it alone. One of our most successful partnership efforts is the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), through which we share threat information with security vendors ahead of our regular monthly security updates. Recently, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) announced that MAPP would be...

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Collaborative Cybersecurity: the private sector is essential for a broader dialogue on more effective cybersecurity norms and sustainable confidence building measures

Last week, Jan Neutze and I participated in a dinner discussion on “Building a Secure Cyber Future” that the German Mission to the United Nations and the Atlantic Council organized for the members of the United Nations Group of Government Experts (GGE) on Developments in the field of Information and Telecommunications in the context of...

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Collaborating On Ways to Advance Internet Health

Almost exactly one year ago, I attended the EastWest Institute’s Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit in London and in a working group of industry leaders, distinguished scientists and key government officials we met to discuss collective ways  to improve global internet health. The group started by looking at the opportunities and limitations the public health model offered...

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Cybersecurity: Building Safer Computing Experiences in a Connected Society

The Internet now reaches a global population of more than two billion people, and the foundations of modern society are becoming digital. Research shows over the next few years the world will see an unprecedented growth in Internet users, devices and data, which will create vast opportunities for communications and equally daunting security challenges for...

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