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Microsoft Secure

Microsoft teams up with law enforcement and other partners to disrupt Gamarue (Andromeda)

Today, with help from Microsoft security researchers, law enforcement agencies around the globe, in cooperation with Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), announced the disruption of Gamarue, a widely distributed malware that has been used in networks of infected computers collectively called the Andromeda botnet. The disruption is the culmination of a journey that started in...

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Microsoft takes on world’s worst cybercriminals

Microsoft recently took legal action against a group of cybercriminals suspected of spreading malicious software to millions of unsuspecting computer users. These social media–savvy cybercriminals have not only spread the malware themselves, but they’ve also promoted their malicious tools across the Internet, offering step-by-step instructions to completely control millions of unsuspecting victims’ computers to conduct...

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Microsoft Takes Legal Action to fight Malware: Bladabindi and Jenxcus

Today, Microsoft filed a civil suit against a Dynamic DNS provider in the U.S. (Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC (doing business as and identified two individuals who are believed to have used this DNS provider to spread and control dangerous malware (Bladabindi and Jenxcus) to unsuspecting victims. Bladabindi or Jenxcus was encountered more than 7.4...

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Microsoft Disrupts Botnet Hijacking Search Results and Exploiting Search Engines

Today, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), in partnership with law enforcement and industry partners, announced the successful disruption of the Sirefef botnet, also known as ZeroAccess. This dangerous botnet is responsible for hijacking people’s search results and taking them to potentially dangerous websites that could install malware onto their computer, steal their personal information, or...

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Clean up malware resulting from the Bamital botnet

On February 6, Microsoft announced that its Digital Crimes Unit had worked with Symantec to successfully deactivate a major botnet called Bamital. Below is an overview of Bamital and how you can remove it from your computer. Botnets are networks of compromised computers, controlled remotely by criminals who use them to  secretly spread malware, steal personal information,...

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Bamital Botnet Takedown Crushes Search Hijacking and Click Fraud Scams

Today, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, in collaboration with Symantec, have successfully taken down a dangerous botnet called “Bamital” that was being used to hijack people’s search results and take them to potentially dangerous websites that could install malware onto their computer, steal their personal information, or fraudulently charge businesses for online advertisement clicks. This botnet...

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