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Microsoft Secure

Congratulations! You’ve won $800,000!!

Well, maybe not. But that’s just one of the many ploys that scammers send in their relentless efforts to part people from their money or sensitive personal information like passwords and account numbers. Microsoft is asking people to take a survey of their experience with online fraud—what kinds of scams they’ve encountered (including those on...

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7 ways to avoid TMI

Technology can make everything in our lives easier—including sharing too much information (TMI). Just because you can take a picture of your new credit card and post it on Instagram doesn’t mean that you should. In fact, you shouldn’t. Sharing too much information can lead to identity theft. It can also damage your online reputation,...

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The $500 Costco card scam

Many respondents to a recent Microsoft survey expressed concern about trickier scams that are happening on social networks. The Microsoft Malware Protection Center recently blogged about one of these new scams that claims to offer a free Costco gift card to all Facebook users. But don’t click the link. If you want to see what...

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On Facebook? Download Microsoft Security Essentials for free

This month Microsoft teamed up with Facebook to offer its free anti-virus protection. Microsoft Security Essentials is now one of the choices in Facebook Anti-Virus Marketplace to help protect your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials: Offers protection against viruses, worms, and other malware Is free to download if you’re computer is running genuine Windows Automatically updates itself...

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