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Microsoft Secure

Windows Defender ATP thwarts Operation WilySupply software supply chain cyberattack

Several weeks ago, the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Windows Defender ATP) research team noticed security alerts that demonstrated an intriguing attack pattern. These early alerts uncovered a well-planned, finely orchestrated cyberattack that targeted several high-profile technology and financial organizations. An unknown attacker was taking advantage of a silent yet effective attack vector: the compromised...

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Financial Services: A Survey of the State of Secure Application Development Processes

The financial services industry is one of the world’s largest industries by monetary value, and an industry which has a direct impact on the lives of billions of people around the world. Organizations in the financial services industry handle trillions of transactions each year involving sensitive information about individuals, companies, and other third parties. To...

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Compliance Series: Financial Services Security and the BITS Framework

This article in our compliance series looks at the importance of secure software development to the financial services industry.  Software – whether running on PCs, laptops, or in new cloud-based services plays a critical role for financial services institutions in helping to protect their business and customers. It can help protect against malicious attacks, theft...

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