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Microsoft Secure

7 ways to avoid TMI

Technology can make everything in our lives easier—including sharing too much information (TMI). Just because you can take a picture of your new credit card and post it on Instagram doesn’t mean that you should. In fact, you shouldn’t. Sharing too much information can lead to identity theft. It can also damage your online reputation,...

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“Bing it On” and Search Yourself

No matter which search engine someone prefers, a key piece of advice from safety advocates to help protect your online reputation, is to conduct an Internetsearch on yourself, using several search engines.  And then, evaluate whether your online life mirrors the reputation you want others to see. Recently, the Bing team launched an Internet search...

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What’s your online reputation?

Most of us put a boundary between our personal and professional lives. Online that’s not easy to do. In the Official Microsoft blog, Brendon Lynch, Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer, writes, “Every piece of personal information that exists online about you — whether posted by you or by others — has the potential to impact how...

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