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Ransomware 1H 2017 review: Global outbreaks reinforce the value of security hygiene

The trend towards increasingly sophisticated malware behavior, highlighted by the use of exploits and other attack vectors, makes older platforms so much more susceptible to ransomware attacks. From June to November 2017, Windows 7 devices were 3.4 times more likely to encounter ransomware compared to Windows 10 devices. Read our latest report: A worthy upgrade:...

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Norway Sweeps In With Bronze Medal

Norway could dominate cross-country skiing events this week, thanks to several renowned athletes already making headlines. Whether its skiers racing past their competition or not, Norway’s cross-country efforts in computer security are already victorious, scooping up Microsoft’s bronze medal as one of the world’s best at keeping their environment free of malware. Read more...

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The Cybersecurity Risk Paradox: Measuring the Impact of Social, Economic, and Technological Factors on Cybersecurity

Posted by: Kevin Sullivan, Principal Security Strategist, Trustworthy Computing This morning we released a new special edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report entitled The Cybersecurity Risk Paradox: Impact of Social, Economic, and Technological Factors on Rates of Malware.  Last year, we released a special edition to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report titled Linking Cybersecurity Outcomes and...

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Building a Secure Cloud

Can we build a truly secure cloud? It’s a challenging goal, and the topic of a panel discussion on which I’ll be participating during GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference in September. Security is an important consideration for organizations looking to tap the cloud’s cost savings, flexibility and scalability. People want to know if the cloud vendor they...

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Are You and Your IT Staff on The Same Page?

For business leaders to make sound decisions related to ITsecurity, they need clear, timely information that maps to business goals. Unfortunately, many IT professionals could do better in communicatingwith executives, according to a recent study conductedby the Ponemon Institute for the IT security firm Tripwire.    See more >>  ...

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