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Microsoft Secure

Averting ransomware epidemics in corporate networks with Windows Defender ATP

Microsoft security researchers continue to observe ransomware campaigns blanketing the market and indiscriminately hitting potential targets. Unsurprisingly, these campaigns also continue to use email and the web as primary delivery mechanisms. Also, it appears that most corporate victims are simply caught by the wide nets cast by ransomware operators. Unlike cyberespionage groups, ransomware operators do...

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Want more information on Trustworthy Computing? Check out our other blogs

The Trustworthy Computing blog covers Microsoft’s perspective on security, privacy, online safety, and reliability, especially as they relate to the cloud. For readers who want additional information on those topics, check out our other TwC Blogs, which provide insights from Microsoft experts, plus information on mitigation tools, secure development, security updates, online safety, and more. ...

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Suggested Resolutions for Cloud Providers in 2014 #3: Avoid acronym soup when discussing cloud services

In my prior two posts, I discussed my first two Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for cloud providers in 2014: Suggested Resolution #1: Reinforce that security is a shared responsibilitySuggested Resolution #2: Be precise about what the service does, and doesn’t do Today, I want to offer my third and final resolution: Avoid acronym soup when...

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MAPP Partnership Expansion to Boost Threat Response

Fighting security threats is a never-ending job. And Microsoft can’t do it alone. One of our most successful partnership efforts is the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), through which we share threat information with security vendors ahead of our regular monthly security updates. Recently, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) announced that MAPP would be...

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