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Microsoft Secure

Building a Secure Cloud

Can we build a truly secure cloud? It’s a challenging goal, and the topic of a panel discussion on which I’ll be participating during GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference in September. Security is an important consideration for organizations looking to tap the cloud’s cost savings, flexibility and scalability. People want to know if the cloud vendor they...

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Special Edition Security Intelligence Report Released – How Socio-economic Factors Affect Regional Malware Rates

Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to talk to customers and governments all over the world about the threat landscape and the data we publish in the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR).  During these conversations regional malware infection rates always garner a lot of discussion. One of the most interesting questions...

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The Threat Landscape in Asia & Oceania – Part 4: Australia and New Zealand

In the first three parts of this series on the threat landscape in Asia and Oceania I examined threats in Vietnam and India (highest malware infection rates in the region), Japan and Korea (very interesting juxtaposition), and Malaysia and Singapore (malware infection rates trending lower).  This final part of the series is on threats found...

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