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No slowdown in Cerber ransomware activity as 2016 draws to a close

The trend towards increasingly sophisticated malware behavior, highlighted by the use of exploits and other attack vectors, makes older platforms so much more susceptible to ransomware attacks. From June to November 2017, Windows 7 devices were 3.4 times more likely to encounter ransomware compared to Windows 10 devices. Read our latest report: A worthy upgrade:...

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Spooky antivirus software

Judy writes: My virus protection doesn’t seem to want to stay on. I’ve been able to turn it back on, but when I shut down and then restart my computer later, the virus protection is off again. Is this some kind of Halloween trick? Having a virus is no treat Achieving 100 percent protection from...

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Win the battle against email fraud

Cybercriminals use email fraud (sometimes called “phishing”) to steal your personal data or information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data, or other information. Cybercriminals might send millions of fraudulent email messages with links to fraudulent websites that appear to come from websites you trust, like your bank or credit card company, and request...

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Internet Explorer blocks more malware

The independent security research and testing organization, NSS Labs, just released two reports that say Internet Explorer leads the field in protection against socially engineered malware, specifically fake links that you might see in an email or on your social networking site.   According to the report, Internet Explorer caught 96% of this kind of malware....

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Internet Explorer 9 protects against 99 percent of socially engineered malware

The Internet Explorer 9 beta protects against 99 percent of “socially engineered malware,” according to independent researcher NSS Labs. What is socially engineered malware? Cybercriminals use socially engineered malware to gain access to your computer. According to NSS Labs, socially engineered malware describes any link that leads to malicious websites or downloads that could harm...

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Safer surfing with SmartScreen

The SmartScreen Filter is a feature in Internet Explorer 8 that helps detect fraudulent websites that might install malicious software onto your computer or try to trick you into turning over personal information. What does is mean when a website is blocked and flagged in red as a reported unsafe website? A website flagged as...

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