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Microsoft Secure

Security professionals and researchers trade ideas at BlueHat

The Microsoft BlueHat conference is a semi-annual event that brings together internal Microsoft security professionals and external security researchers to network and share ideas.   BlueHat v8 was held October 16–17. It consisted of two full days of presentations from internal and external security experts.    To see session descriptions, speaker bios, and to watch...

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New XBox 360 Avatars

So, near the end of last week, I fired up my Xbox and downloaded the new “experience” – a massive update to the UI, which includes avatars. Lots of cool new stuff, but when I checked out my friend’s avatars, now that was really cool. This *is* stepto.  😉   If you know him, then no...

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Secure Coding Secrets?

A recent article titled “NSA posts secrets to writing secure code” caught my eye in part because the words “writing secure code” always get my attention! But also because anything that can advance the science of securing software is of interest to me. There is another reason why the article got my attention; my manager,...

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Criminals use fake virus warnings

According to research from North Carolina State University, even sophisticated Internet users can’t tell the difference between real and fake warnings about Internet security.   These fake warnings, which might appear in pop-up windows as you surf the Web, are designed to trick you into downloading malicious software. They’re known as rogue security software, and...

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MSDN Security Issue Articles

Bryan here. The SDL team is well represented in the annual security issue of MSDN magazine – we have three articles that might be interesting to you, given that you read the SDL Blog! First up is a code review quiz, “Test Your Security IQ”. Put your C/C++/C# security skills to the challenge by reviewing...

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SDL Announcements at TechEd EMEA

Hello all, Dave here…     I am in Barcelona, Spain with Michael Howard and Adam Shostack at the TechEd EMEA: Developers Conference.     In addition to teaching and attending security sessions, we are in Barcelona to formally announce the launch of the SDL Optimization Model, SDL Pro Network and the Microsoft SDL Threat...

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