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Microsoft Secure

Understanding Qatar Infection Rates

One of the most interesting aspects of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report is data on how regional malware infection rates change over time. This data helps us and our customers understand the tactics and strategies that attackers are using to compromise systems, steal identities and confidential data. Subsequently this intelligence helps our customers optimize their...

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Hang up on phone scams

If you receive a phone call from someone who claims to be from Microsoft and says that your computer has a virus, hang up. This call is probably from a cybercriminal who wants to charge you for a bogus service or trick you into installing malicious software on your computer that could capture sensitive data. Then, they...

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Weekly Roundup : Nov 25, 2011 : Black Friday and Cyber Monday Heralded with Release of More Malware

Trending Security News As people in the United States prepared to tuck into their Thanksgiving dinner, and tune out the incessant ads urging them to take advantage of the allegedly great shopping opportunities to follow in the form of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it was a perfect time to consider . . . what...

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Planning for the Unexpected

We might not be able to predict the unknown, but we can do our best to be prepared for it. For organizations of all sizes contingency planning is vital to success. To this end, my Microsoft colleague, Cindy Bates, vice president, U.S. SMB Organization, recently shared a set of helpful resources on the subject of...

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The Curious Case of Qatar

A recent blog post I wrote entitled Determining the Geolocation of Systems Infected with Malware, focused on some of the interesting changes in regional malware infection rates that occurred when we started using IP geolocation in the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv11). Figure 1: The five locations with the largest malware infect rate (CCM)...

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Discussing Privacy in the Cloud

Cloud computing has quickly become a mainstream technology. Global businesses, entrepreneurs and government agencies are embracing the cloud to accelerate innovation and cut costs. But the continued growth of cloud computing is not inevitable. Cloud providers need to adequately address the data protection and security concerns of enterprise customers and regulators for cloud services to...

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