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Weekly Roundup : Dec 30, 2011 : Taking a Look Back at Some of the Year’s Top Security Stories

Trending Security News In August we started posting the Weekly Roundup to share trending security news from many viewpoints. Week by week the flow of news provides insights into the ever growing challenges faced in the global efforts to secure cyberspace, as well as the progress made and security guidance as well as new and...

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Weekly Roundup : Dec 23, 2011 : U.S. Chamber of Commerce Reportedly Hacked with Spear Phishing

  Trending Security News Several stories this week in security focused on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on China Hackers Hit U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Network World’s coverage focused on Chinese hack on U.S. Chamber went undetected for 6 months; while The Washington Post wrote that China hack...

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Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a Secure and Compliant Cloud Service

Last week I wrote about the important role the channel plays, occupying a space between cloud vendor and end user organization and adding value by ensuring technology satisfies business needs. But that’s not to say that cloud providers shouldn’t also have a direct relationship with their customers to understand their needs and factor them into the products...

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Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Cloud Computing & Business Agility

There is a lot of discussion in the industry right now about the potential cost savings for organizations that leverage of cloud computing. Another potential benefit of leveraging cloud computing is increased business agility. For many organizations deploying new IT capabilities can be a relatively long and costly process. In this, the second installment of...

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Weekly Roundup : Dec 16, 2011 : Iranian Engineers Reportedly Used GPS Spoof to Hijack U.S. Spy Drone to Safe Landing

Trending Security News The big news this week centered on how Iran managed to electronically intercept a U.S. spy drone (analysts suggest use of GPS spoofing), and cause it to land safely within the country. The Christian Science Monitor, in its article Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer,quoted an Iranian engineer who said...

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Making the Internet safer for children

This month Microsoft announced participation as a founding member in the CEO Coalition on Child Online Safety. Read more about online safety efforts for children from Microsoft’s representative on the CEO Coalition, Peter Cullen. Here is some of our guidance on how to protect your family when you use technology: Help protect your kids from...

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