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Microsoft Secure

Security Development Conference 2013 – Call for Content Now Open

Last year, the inaugural Security Development Conference brought together leading security professionals from a variety of industries around the world who were interested in evolving their own security principals into practices.  In all, more than 300 organizations attended the event. Highlights included keynote speakers Richard A. Clarke, former Special Advisor to the President for Cyber...

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Spooky antivirus software

Judy writes: My virus protection doesn’t seem to want to stay on. I’ve been able to turn it back on, but when I shut down and then restart my computer later, the virus protection is off again. Is this some kind of Halloween trick? Having a virus is no treat Achieving 100 percent protection from...

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Online Fraud: Your Guide to Prevention, Detection, and Recovery

As we near the end National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2012 (NCSAM), we continue our focus on the problem of online fraud.  Online schemes victimize millions of unsuspecting people every year. In the United States alone, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center recorded 300,000 fraud complaints last year with an adjusted dollar loss of nearly...

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What’s new in Windows 8

Windows 8 is now available to buy at the Microsoft Store and other retailers. You can also upgrade at Windows 8 has several built-in security features that are built in and ready to go. Windows 8 also comes with Internet Explorer 10, designed with innovations that can help you control your personal information and...

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Stand-Up Against All Bullies: A Spotlight on National Bullying Prevention Month

“The End of Bullying Begins with Me.”  That’s the message during National Bullying Prevention month this October. An organization called PACER started the anti-bullying campaign in 2006 to bring awareness to bullying prevention efforts.  Bullying commonly thought of as a “rite of passage,” for children has long term consequences.  Children who are bullied are likely...

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Microsoft Free Security Tools – Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

This article in our series on Microsoft’s free security tools is focused on a tool called the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA).  Many years ago before Windows Update was available, servicing software was much more painful than it is today.  Microsoft released security updates weekly, and there were few deployment technologies available to help determine...

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