At last week’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), partners got a first-hand look at how Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first vision translates into partner opportunities, including our ability to support a combination of open source and Microsoft technologies.
AlterWay WPC Based in France, Alter Way is an innovator in the open source space and an expert in building, delivering and running cloud solutions (self-hosted and on premises). They have many customers with mixed IT environments who want the freedom to choose both open source and Microsoft technologies, working together.
One example is the work they’ve done for the INSEEC group, a leader in higher education in France. They created an interactive site that incorporates Drupal and Moodle on Azure, earning them two nominations at this year’s Drupagora, a major Drupal ecosystem event in Paris, for best Media site and most Innovative site.
At WPC, Alter Way demonstrated their expertise in Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps automation practices, in combination with Microsoft Azure, illustrating how their solutions can deliver faster time-to-market and lower costs. In one demo, Alter Way created a virtual machine, provisioned it and installed a highly available web application with Ansible. This was done by first starting with an empty Azure IaaS and then creating a WordPress site with some content. In another demo, Alterway showed how to have a very efficient developer environment based on Docker on Windows.
We’re looking forward to celebrating Alter Way’s continued success, delivering customer value with a combination of open source solutions and the Microsoft cloud. Follow them @alterway.
More on Alter Way [in French]: