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PreviousNext Pty Ltd is a premium Drupal strategy, design and development company based in Australia.
PreviousNext Projects Established in early 2009, PreviousNext aims to provide full service strategy, design, development and support for organisations adopting the open source content management system, Drupal.
“Since founding, we’ve cemented a reputation as Australia’s most experienced Drupal firm, working with clients in the Government, higher education, media and enterprise sectors,” says Owen Lansbury, Managing Director and Founder of PreviousNext. “As one of the top 3 companies globally contributing code to Drupal 8, our short term goal is to drive rapid adoption of the new version with clients seeking to take advantage of more than 200 new features, re-architected API and improved user experience. Longer term, we aspire to drive our core services of user-centred design, open source development, agile project delivery and cloud services to larger clients in the Asia Pacific region.”
Although founded as a distributed company with most employees working remotely from home, PreviousNext has since established offices where numerous employees live close to each other, resulting in teams based in Perth, Canberra, Sydney and Queensland. They pride themselves as having a very strong culture of work-life balance, with a head office that is 100m from the beach in Avalon, north of Sydney. As such, the co-founders ride bicycles to work each day and literally store their surfboards in the company ‘board room’.
Despite, or perhaps because of, this modern approach to working life, PreviousNext punches well above its weight, and has delivered many of the most complex Drupal projects undertaken by the largest organisations in Australia. Today, they are listed as one of the top 5 influential Drupal companies in the world.
PreviousNext’s four (4) areas of expertise are:

  • User-centred design, encompassing digital strategy, requirements definition, user research, information architecture and user interface design.
  • Open-source software development: Primarily based on Drupal for all CMS requirements, but supported by complementary technologies such as federated search using Apache Solr, custom app development using the Symfony PHP framework and custom integration with third party platforms.
  • Agile project delivery, whereby our entire team are trained as Certified Scrum Masters and run all our development projects in clearly structured two week Sprints, adhering to all Agile processes and principles.
  • Managed Cloud Services, where PreviousNext supports, maintains and manages both applications and infrastructure under a Service Level Agreement on our client’s cloud provider of choice. We also offer ongoing enhancement services for continuous website improvement.

Engagement with Microsoft’s Open Source Partner Accelerator Program
PreviousNext customers are demanding high-end managed cloud services for their Drupal website hosting, and many of their clients have Microsoft Azure at the top of their consideration list.
“Through Microsoft’s Open Source Accelerator program, we’re working on providing a fully managed service for customers wishing to deploy enterprise-class Drupal platforms on Azure,” Lansbury claims. “This initiative will commence with the Government sector, deploying ‘aGov on Azure’ – PreviousNext’s standards-compliant website package for Australian Government organisations.”
“As a long term AWS partner, we recognise the need to support our clients’ desire for choice of cloud vendor, and have been attracted to Azure’s competitive features and pricing as a result,” attests Lansbury. “The primary benefit for PreviousNext is to service existing and interested Azure customers looking to deploy larger scale Drupal-based websites, providing them with seamless integration between Drupal and other services hosted on Azure.”
While PreviousNext’s partnership with Microsoft is fairly new, they reported that aGov, is now in use on more than 500 websites, and has been downloaded almost 65,000 times from And, they have estimated that clients using aGov typically save $30K – $50K in costs to ensure their websites are Australian Government standards-compliant. PreviousNext talks more about aGov and its services on their recent blog post.
PreviousNext has considerable open source experience with Azure, bulk of which is in the government sector. To get more details on aGov or support on Drupal-based websites on Azure, contact PreviousNext here.

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