Microsoft has partnered with Cloudera to bring you this exciting new free webinar – Securing Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub on Microsoft Azure. It will be held on the 23rd of August 2017, Wednesday, 9:00am IST / 11:30am SGT / 1:30pm AEST.
Securing Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub on Microsoft Azure In this one hour live interactive webinar, we will explore:

  • Different techniques to secure your Cloudera Enterprise cluster on Azure; and
  • The benefits of deploying Cloudera Enterprise on Azure Data Lake Store easily.

As more and more customers explore the benefits of moving to the cloud, many have an increasing need for architectural guidance on the best practices for deployment in their enterprise organizations. Chief among these concerns are security and the best topology to maximize performance and reduce cost for a variety of use cases.
Cloudera’s James Morantus will discuss how to use Cloudera Director, Microsoft Active Directory, SAMBA, and SSSD to deploy a secure EDH cluster for workloads in the public Azure cloud. He will be joined by Microsoft Azure Global Black Belt, Ron Abellera who will highlight other benefits of Cloudera on Azure, and deep dive into the new integration with Azure Data Lake Store vs. other storage alternatives.
Register Now: Securing Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub on Microsoft Azure.
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