Did you know that docs.microsoft.com is home to thousands of pages of documentation, from A to X (ASP.NET to Xamarin)? For technical documentation, API reference, code examples, quickstarts, and tutorials for your favorite Microsoft + Open Source scenarios, check out the inventory here.
For a sample of these docs, plus open source related community news, product announcements, and recent demos from around Microsoft, read on below.
Here are some recent open source updates on docs.microsoft.com:
Create a MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js (MEAN) stack on a Linux VM in Azure: This tutorial shows you how to implement a MEAN stack on a Linux VM in Azure. The MEAN stack that you create enables adding, deleting, and listing books in a database. Read here.
Back up Linux virtual machines in Azure: You can protect your data by taking backups at regular intervals. Azure Backup creates recovery points that are stored in geo-redundant recovery vaults. When you restore from a recovery point, you can restore the whole VM or just specific files. This article explains how to restore a single file to a Linux VM running nginx. If you don’t already have a VM to use, you can create one using the Linux quickstart. In this tutorial you learn how to: create a backup of a VM, schedule a daily backup, and restore a file from a backup.

Azure CosmosDB’s API for MongoDB: Emily Lawton joins Scott Hanselman to discuss what’s new in Azure CosmosDB’s API for Mongo DB, including new preview features such as support for the aggregation pipeline and unique indexes. They discuss tips and tricks for importing large backups using MongoDB Tools.

New images in the Azure Marketplace: Microsoft recently published 40 new cloud offerings to the Azure Marketplace, including images from partners like Chef, Red Hat, and Ubuntu. Check out them out here.
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