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Meet us at GopherCon (with bonus tips to enjoy Denver!)

This year’s GopherCon is just around the corner, and the Go team from Microsoft is excited to be joining thousands of other gophers from around the world in Denver, on August 27-30, 2018! Microsoft is going to be a platinum sponsor of GopherCon for the first time, and for good reasons. We’re going to have...

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Why JavaScript and Node.js are ruling the web: Interview with John Papa

JavaScript has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages in the world, reigning at #1 on GitHub in terms of pull requests in 2017. The language plays a major role on the web and because of its ease of use and speed, more developers are starting to use JavaScript on the backend via...

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Why to love Python today and tomorrow: Interview with Nina Zakharenko

Python has been around for almost three decades. You can use is for web development. You can use it for magic school buses. It has a growing base of developers looking for a programming language that is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to teach – but broadly applicable. Microsoft is lucky to...

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Go lang illustration

Ready, Set, Go lang: Brian Ketelsen explains Go’s fast growing popularity

Since its creation in 2009, the Go programming language has seen a growing global fan base of developers looking for a lightweight, open source language well-suited for today’s microservices architectures. I had a chance to catch with one of our resident Gophers, Developer Advocate Brian Ketelsen, to learn more about Go and its thriving community,...

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Introducing Brady: our resident ninja sloth finds a home on GitHub

Brady is the super fierce mascot for open source solutions running on Microsoft Azure and we’re proud to share that, in true open source spirit, Brady’s designs are available on GitHub for everyone to remix and customize for their favorite technologies. Brady has been circling the globe lately, from its first encounter with a non-ninja...

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SpringOne Platform event image

See you at Pivotal SpringOne Platform

Java and Spring play an important role in how enterprises are adopting cloud-native patterns. In the recent months, we’ve been working hard to provide a great experience for Java developers on Azure, making it easier to deploy Spring and Java EE apps to Linux or Windows-based infrastructure, using containers with Azure Container Service (AKS) and...

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Using s3cmd and other Amazon S3-compatible apps with Azure Blob Storage

Object storage is one of the core services offered by cloud platforms, as it allows developers to store any kind of unstructured data, conveniently and flexibly. Even if you’re not a developer, there are countless apps, libraries and tools that you can integrate in your daily workflow to leverage object storage on the cloud, for...

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