Microsoft welcomes you to KubeCon Chicago 

3 min read

Whether you’re a developer, an SRE, or trying to figure out how cloud-native technology can help deliver more for your business, wherever you go at KubeCon, you’ll find Microsoft building and serving the open-source communities that serve our customers. Read more

Join Microsoft at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 

3 min read

Welcome to KubeCon Europe 2022. While I am unfortunately stuck in rainy Seattle (coldest start to May in 20 years), I’m excited that many of our cloud-native Azure folks will be able to experience sunny Valencia. It’s especially exciting for KubeCon to be the first chance for parts of the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) team Read more

KubeCon North America 2021: Kubernetes on Azure and open source updates 

4 min read

Welcome to KubeCon 2021 in Los Angeles! Whether you are attending in person or virtually, we’re excited to see you at the conference. My favorite thing about every conference is the opportunity to meet new people and hear both the stories of how they are empowered by Kubernetes on Azure, but also, the challenges they Read more

Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes, now a CNCF graduated project 

2 min read

Yesterday, Helm became a graduated project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), joining a select group of projects that the CNCF recognizes for achieving majority adoption by the cloud-native community. I want to extend congratulations and thanks both to the creators of Helm, as well as to the broader Helm community that has supported, Read more

Empowering cloud-native developers on Kubernetes anywhere 

4 min read

Hello KubeCon and welcome to San Diego! It’s fantastic to have the chance to get some warm California sun, as well as the warmth of the broader Kubernetes community. From the very first community meeting, through the first KubeCon and on to today, it’s been truly amazing to have been able to watch and help Read more

Extending Kubernetes in the open 

4 min read

Greetings and welcome to KubeCon EU in Barcelona! As always, it is wonderful to see the community come together to celebrate how Kubernetes has made cloud-native ubiquitous and changed the way that we build and manage our software. These conferences are fantastic because they represent an opportunity to meet with our users and learn about Read more