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Use case: Modern Service Mesh with Consul on Azure (Part 2) 

This is the second part of a two-part series introducing you to HashiCorp Consul on Azure. In the first part, we took a look at the service discovery properties of Consul and deployed a Consul cluster in Azure. In this second part, we will discuss properties that turn Consul into a full-blown service mesh solution as...Read more

Use case: Modern service discovery with Consul on Azure (Part 1) 

Overview This two-part article introduces you to Consul, a service mesh solution from HashiCorp. In the first part, we will focus on its service discovery use case, frame the problem that Consul was designed to solve and will go over basic architectural principles underlying the system. Then, we will show you how you can deploy...Read more

Deploying and using HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise on Azure 

Many Azure customers have adopted HashiCorp Terraform as their infrastructure provisioning tool of choice. We are working closely in partnership with HashiCorp, the company behind Terraform, to ensure that support for Terraform in Azure is first-class, and momentum we are seeing indicates that we are indeed headed in that direction. As individual usage of Terraform...Read more

HashiCorp Vault speaks Azure Active Directory 

As an increasing number of customers move to the cloud, including multi-cloud and hybrid environments, securing infrastructure at scale emerges as one of the key challenges. There are many components to working securely in cloud environments, with one of key aspects being properly managing access to services deployed and ensuring these services stay secure as...Read more