Five steps to add automated performance quality gates to Azure DevOps pipelines 

5 min read

In our last post, Daniel Semedo and I provided an overview of how to add automated performance quality gates using a performance specification file, as defined in the open source project Keptn Pitometer. In this post, I’ll explain the steps required to add a performance quality gate to your Azure DevOps pipelines for both DevOps “Multi-Stage” and “Classic” pipelines using Keptn Pitometer. Step 1: Read more

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Adding automated performance quality gates using Keptn Pitometer 

5 min read

This blog dives into monitoring-as-code ad adding automated performance quality gates into your software delivery pipelines. We’ll walk through examples using a web microservice app and an Azure function app that we developed as open source services that help you qualify the overall performance and quality of applications. Both services utilize the Keptn Pitometer open Read more